What are the different cabinet door styles to choose from?

As you might imagine, the door style of your cabinetry is key in the overall design of your install.  We’ll briefly discuss some of the most popular styles and types of doors.

Raised Panel Door – This style of door has remained very popular through the years.  This cabinet door style tends to be included in more traditionally styled interiors.  It’s center portion is slightly raised and  lends itself to an abundance of customizations.

Recessed Panel Door – This door style is slightly more contemporary and provides a look that is simple, clean, and sleek.  The depth of its center panel is lower than the rest of the door frame.

Slab Door – The slab door style is a popular choice for more contemporary, modern, or European styles.  These doors are flat panels without raised or recessed contours.

Mullion Style Door – This style of door is most simply described as a “window door”.  They contain individual panes of glass with dividers that are very similar to traditional styled windows.

Decorative Door Frame – A wide ranging style of door in which the interior panel is simply described as “decorative”.  Decorative panel materials may consist of wood, metal, mesh, or glass designs.

Metal Frame Doors – As you may have guessed, these doors consist of a metal frame, typically aluminum, and an interior panel of clear or frosted glass or other semi-decorative material.  This door style is typically used in very modern and utility designs.

Beadboard Doors – Most easily described as vertical slats of wood pieced together on their long side.  A slightly more detailed version of a “recessed” panel.