How to add a finished look to toe kicks?

Many times when completing cabinet installations, installers will nail on the toe kicks and keep on moving. Unfortunately, they are missing a great opportunity to add another dimension of detail to the overall aesthetic of the completed install. Yes, it’s just a toe kick. However, in only a few extra minutes, we can create a unique touch that is personal, professional, and perfect.

Rather than simply nailing your toe kicks on “end to end” at the base of the cabinets, you can add a piece of trim that supplements your overall design and cabinet style. In the video below, we are using a simple piece of scribe molding for demonstration, but a carefully matched piece of molding will be noticed and appreciated for years to come.

It’s a small touch, but they all add up and the end sum is a very happy customer.  And if this installation is in your own kitchen or bathroom…you’ll love it as well.