How do I measure for cabinets?

For those of you that have decided to finally tackle that kitchen or bath remodel, your project may begin with this simple question….How do I measure for cabinets?

While this part of the process is fairly straight forward, it does require some clear thought and a little bit of “process” to insure this portion of your planning is a success.  We’ve included a video below and will break this process down into four simple steps.

Step 1:  Materials

  • Pen and Paper
  • Tape Measure


Step 2:  Sketch your floor plan

  • Begin with a sketch of the shape of your kitchen walls.
  • Add your doors/openings and windows to your sketch.


Step 3:  Measuring

  • Measure your room in a clockwise direction taking note of your starting point.
  • As you make your way around the room, measure to the nearest eighth of an inch.
  • Measure all trim. Account for trim yet to be installed as well as all existing trim.
  • End your measurements exactly where you began at your starting point.
  • Lastly, take 3 randomly placed ceiling height measurements. This will help you determine any ceiling variances that may exist.


Step 4:  Additional Measurements

  • Measure existing appliances. And if new appliances are part of the plan, obtain exact model dimensions from the manufacturer’s website or specifications sheet.
  • If the kitchen will have an island, account for the measurement of the island to insure proper spacing in the room.
  • You may also want to find measurements for flooring material. Take into account whether flooring will be installed prior to, or after cabinet installation.  It’s always a good idea to record the thickness of your flooring material as well.


And remember, our cabinetry experts are available for any questions you may have.  Please don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call.