What is the Contractor’s Timeline During Covid-19

You are thinking of a remodel in your house, maybe a kitchen or a bath. During the pandemic you have been watching the renovation television shows that explain completing the whole project within a couple of weeks. You may have even seen advertisements from industry companies that you can have your project finished in weeks. The truth on these is the television show doesn’t start till all materials have arrived and the advertisements have small print that the preparation of your project adds 4-6 weeks. Don’t get started with the wrong expectations. We are here to help make sense of the timeline especially during the pandemic.

This past year so many things have changed the way everyone does business, some are in a good way and some do not help. In the construction industry we have heard of new windows, appliances, selective woods, cabinets, some flooring and many other products taking twice as long if not many more months to receive. You are now working from home and need to plan ahead and expect delays throughout the process of your project.

Remodels have risen in demand and contractors are busier than ever. The pandemic and other natural disasters have caused a backlog of all materials used in construction. Also, with Covid-19 people’s safety and health are a top priority. If a contractor or one of their crew members contracts Covid-19 then the whole company that was in contact with that person has to quarantine for at least 10 days or until a negative test. This increases the backlog and delays.

You will need to be ready for these possible delays in all aspects of your project. Don’t expect a perfect smooth sailing process, be ready and prepared for the delays which will help with the stress. Supply chain clogs and crew members with symptoms could potentially add 2-3 months to your job timeline.

When beginning the process of your remodel get the contractor to answer safety measures as in virtual meetings, drop off samples, estimates, quotes and so on. Video calls and pictures help limit the amount visits and people in your house. Will the crew be using masks, gloves, etc.? Are they putting out and using hand sanitizer? You will need to specify a sink and bathroom for the crew to use and make sure you clean and disinfect it thoroughly every day. Since you are working from home and the contractors are inside their as well make sure you stay secluded off from them. Do not hover over them. Also, it is a good idea to let your contractor know what you are doing keep a safe environment. It is your responsibility to keep them safe as well. Just as if one of the crew members has symptoms he should not be at your house, if you or a family member feels unwell you need to alert the contractor and tell them to stay away.

If it is possible open some windows or doors to have a good ventilation while people and work is going on in your house. You want a well ventilated area during the renovation. Remodeling is happening everywhere and does not seem to be slowing down soon. You need to make sure you plan ahead and allow more time than usual. The number one priority is to plan ahead and give your remodel the time it will need to be completed.