How do I properly plan for or install ceiling cabinets?

Whether your in the planning or installation phase of your project, you may have thought to yourself…How should ceiling cabinets be installed properly?

When installing ceiling cabinets, your planning should account for imperfections in the ceiling.  The goal here is to maximize the appearance of your cabinets without leaving unsightly gaps filled with caulk beads of varying thicknesses.  This can be an eyesore!

Once the project is complete, we want all of our detail lines to be crisp and perfect.  And while any ceiling installation project may include a reasonable amount of caulking, we want to ensure that bead is not directly adjacent to any detailed piece of woodworking such as your crown molding.

In the video below, we discuss an easy way to properly mount these ceiling cabinets while leaving all your cabinetry design lines in perfect shape.  We will briefly touch on the use of filler panels for this process.  These panels can create the uniform transition necessary from the cabinet face to the ceiling.  And after installation, any caulking applied between the ceiling and the top of your filler panel is much less noticeable and appears more uniform.

The video also provides some additional detail regarding various methods of securing your filler panels with the cabinetry in such an installation.